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...coaching is chiefly about discovery, awareness, and choice.

Henry Kimsey-House

My Coaching & Leadership Services

I believe that coaching should be a conversation to help you realise your own innate potential and make choices that will positively influence your life and work.  Through a process of active listening, open questioning, and some direct challenge, I’ll support you to create an action plan to shape your future.

Executive & Leadership

Be the leader you want to be

Our work together will help you improve your core professional competencies, capabilities and performance, and make you the best version of yourself.

So, how does this work?

I can help with assertiveness and confidence building, developing resilience, conflict management and resolution, planning and decision making, emotional intelligence and preparing for transformational change.

We’ll set some clear goals for our time together, depending on what you want to achieve, and success criteria for each session to ensure we’re on track. I’ll ask you to do some work in between meetings and come prepared for what you’d like to discuss. Typically, our relationship can be for say, six or ten focused sessions, or for a longer period, depending on the task.

Ultimately my aim is to help you create choices to help you meet your challenges, discover your own potential and be the best you can be.

Work & Career Mentoring

Develop the skills you need

Mentoring is more directive in style and involves giving advice and support on specific areas of expertise.

So, how does this work?


Topics might include preparation for a job interview, a promotion to a more senior leadership role, strategy development or beginning a new project or transformation programme.

It would typically be a time limited intervention, depending on the scope and scale of your task.

I will use the skills and experience I’ve developed in my own career to help you set very clear goals for success, and then to design a plan to achieve your objectives.

Life Coaching

Live the life you deserve

If you’re creating a new, exciting direction for your life, facing a challenge you want to overcome, or a goal you would love to achieve then I can help. It might be shaping a radical rethink, improving your work-life balance, retirement, or building your self-confidence and belief.

How will we work together?

We’ll explore where you are now and how you got there, what might be blocking or holding you back, shape some options for you to investigate and build your personalised plan for success.

We’ll set some clear goals for each session to ensure we’re on track. I’ll encourage you to do some thinking before we meet and come with an idea of what you’d like to cover. Typically, our relationship will be for six or ten focused meetings.

And if you don’t fully believe in yourself, or the impact you could make on the world when we begin, then I’ll believe for both of us until you do. Book a meeting today to find out how I can help.

My Rates

Typically I work in blocks of six or ten sessions for best value and results. 

Follow up maintenance programmes are also available.

10 Sessions

Elite Package
£ 1,100
  • 1 Free Discovery Session
  • 10 x 60 minute Sessions
  • Direct E-mail Support
Best Value

6 Sessions

Standard Package
£ 720
  • 1 Free Discovery Session
  • 6 x 60 minute Sessions
  • Direct E-mail Support

3 Sessions

Base Package
£ 395
  • 1 Free Discovery Session
  • 3 x 60 minute Sessions
  • Direct E-mail Support
I reserve a few sessions a month to offer at a negotiable rate, so if you
have low budget or cost constraints then please contact me.

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